With an age range from 5 to about 7, the Tigers work on fundamental movement skills. They are running, walking, balancing, jumping, rolling and otherwise moving around, getting a strong sense of how to make their bodies move the way they want to. The focus is on basic physical literacy, wrapped up in lots of games. Tigers class is from 6 pm until 6:30 pm.


In the first half of the Juniors class, which is 6:30 pm – 7 pm, we work on basic judo techniques. How to move, specific throws, hold-downs, etc. Ages range from 7 years old up to early teens. Because different kids develop at different rates, our guidelines focus more on the child’s ability than on the specific age. Kids commonly attend both Tigers and Juniors I classes each night.


The second half of the Juniors focusses on tournament preparation. We take the throws learned in Juniors I and work on how to use gripping, combinations and counters to make those throws useful in competition. We also cover ground work, including transitioning from throws to the ground.


This is the class for older kids and adults. Kids move up when they are able to take responsibility for their behavior and for their own learning at a level that we expect of adults. All elements of judo are worked on, from the white belt to the black belt levels.