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Judo Canada

Just as you'd guess from the name, Judo Canada is the governing body for Judo in Canada.

Two Judo Canada documents that are important to our members are the Kyu Grading Syllabus for coloured belts and the Dan Grading Syllabus for black belt candidates.

Judo Alberta

Judo Alberta coordinates the sport in Alberta.  All provincial tournaments are sanctioned through them, as are most training clinics.

The Judo Alberta calendar is available here.


Terminology - Yellow & Orange Belt

Here are the terms that prospective yellow & orange belts should be studying.  Everyone else should know them as well.

Sorry for how rough this document is.  It's just a draft, but there are a few people who need it right now, so it's up here incompletely.

If you have any questions, please ask any of the coaches.